Technical Documentation

Over a decade of experience in providing documentation services to industrial products and machine manufacturers

Technical documentation is an integral part of machines and industrial products. It has gained significant importance in recent years and has a long term impact on the brand image of any organization. Today, many organizations emphasize on creating effective technical documentation to empower their customers and to gain an edge over their competitors. It is also important to ensure that the technical documentations comply with legal requirements.

The efforts required to raise the level of documentation can be costly and time-consuming. We have established robust systems and processes with skilled resources that can be easily leveraged to achieve this. 

We maintain stringent quality assurance processes to create manuals in line with regulations and standards such as the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, EN 82079, ANSI Z535.6 and so on. Our team of experienced writers, illustrators and animators use latest tools and technologies to create effective content, 2D and 3D illustrations and animations.

We create content in the form of discreet granular entities which can be re-used across similar machine families. This ensures consistency, standardization and cost optimization of technical documentation. The content is stored as native XML, enabling us to deliver the output data in a variety of formats.

We offer professional and timely translation in association with our trusted global partners. Our experience in standardizing the structure, terminology, and sentence construction ensures cost-effective translations.
Our team of highly experienced technical writers can also provide consultancy services to technical documentation teams of machine and industrial product manufacturers. Further, we can deploy our resources for you on short term / long term projects.

As experts in the technical documentation domain, our focus is to deliver the right content to the right user at the right time and cost.

Content Development

Create, publish and maintain content across multiple media

We can create product manuals from start or update it using our effective documentation processes. We focus on analyzing the end use of the manual and its target audience.

The result is documents that are clear, easy to use, appealing, and legally compliant.

  • Team:
    Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics Engineers with expertise in technical writing for industrial products and machinery domain. Some are with Tekom and IELTS certifications.
  • Standards and directives followed:
    o Machinery safety standard ISO 12100
    o Standard - IEC 82079-1
    o ANSI Z535.6
    o Machinery directive EN/2006/42/EC
    o Low voltage directives 2006/95/EC
  • Tools:
    o    Authoring: Adobe FrameMaker, MS Word
    o    Illustration: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign Solidworks
    o    Animation: Solidworks Composer, Adobe After effects, Flash
    o    Content Management System: PLM Publisher, Schema

Documentation development process

Our documentation development process typically starts with analysing the purpose or end use of the manual and its target audience. Be it customers (operators, maintenance staff) or internal employees (sales or service), each group has a specific technical need.

Our authors create the documentations keeping this in mind. The end result is documents which are useful, on-target, clear, easy to use, appealing, and legally compliant.

Steps in document development lifecycle:

Our range of services includes:

1. Authoring manuals according to company standards and guidelines or Simplified Technical English (STE)

a) Machine/industrial product documentation

  • Operating manual/user manual
  • Installation manual
  • Service manual
  • Repair & maintenance manual/troubleshooting guide
  • Spare parts catalogue
  • Supplier document compilation
  • Quick start guide
  • Online help

b) Processes documentation

  • Work instruction
  • SOP
  • Knowledge management / wiki documentation
  • Illustrated assembly instruction
  • Training manual

c) Sales collaterals

  • Sales presentations
  • Product walkthrough / virtual tour
  • Brochure/newsletter/flyer
  • Product catalogue
  • Product demonstration videos

2. Illustrations and drawings

  • 2D / 3D
  • GUI design
  • Process diagrams
  • Art work design
  • Exploded views
  • Schematics
  • Photo outlines
  • Image rendering

3. Editing and proofreading

  • Rewriting according to style guide

4. Interactive / Animation

  • 2D / 3D
  • Interactive electronic technical manuals
  • 3D PDF

5. Translation management

6. Terminology management

7. Legacy conversion

  • Migration from multiple editorial formats
  • Migration from one CMS to other
  • Unstructured to structured FrameMaker

8. Deploying technical writers
on project basis - short term/long term



Analyze and recommend solutions to streamline technical documentation processes

With decades of experience in technical documentation services, we have developed core competencies and best practices in documentation processes. We provide consultancy to companies for streamlining their technical documentation process and for ensuring compliance of their documents to various directives and global standards.

With increasing complexity of industrial products and requirements for customized variants of products, it is imperative to adopt automation in technical documentation processes. This can be achieved through content management system where the data is stored in granular form and assembled or re-used to prepare documents of various products. This reduces the manual creation time and translation cost, improves quality, and ensures timely delivery.

CMS diagram


Our range of services includes:

1) Documentation assessment:

  • Safety assessment
  • Technical assessment
  • Linguistic assessment
  • Recommendations
  • Training to technical documentation and team

2) Content management systems:

  • Consultation
  • Implementation



Consulting service process