Digital Services

Providing new age digital services for industrial products and machines

With the advent of Industry 4.0, content is no longer static. It is becoming more and more agile and flexible in terms of the context and delivery platforms on which it is delivered. For B2B markets, this implies changes to be made to the existing documentation systems to adapt a more flexible and cohesive approach.

Machine manufacturers globally recognize digital services as an essential element for customer interaction. Setting up and operating such services absorb considerable after-sales, engineering and marketing resources. We have identified this need and have scaled up our capabilities to embrace the digital revolution. You can rely on us as your partner for implementing, maintaining and managing your digital services and platforms. Our team of engineers offer a wide range of digital services to add value to product documentations.

Our web-based e-Portal helps the user to quickly identify and raise enquiry/order for spare parts.

This results in considerable time saving to deliver the right part at the right price to the client. The web portal also provides a unique and more engaging way of customer interaction.

Continuous training of customers is essential for optimal utilization of machines and products. We provide e-learning solutions to package and deliver various forms of training to customers. Be it content creation or developing a full-fledged learning management systems (LMS), our services are tailored based on the clients business need.

Today, mobile is the default medium of communication for most of us. We have developed applications to deliver information to customers to operate, maintain and service machines/products on the go. We have also developed automated workflows to integrate data exchange amongst design, technical documentation, electrical and service departments.


The e-Portal is a web-based platform designed to give access to machine relevant information anywhere and anytime during the entire life cycle of a product. It provides an interactive platform for the users to understand the assemblies and components of machines. We are confident based on our own experience that such an e-Portal will help you deliver seamless after-sales services to your clients. The key features of our e-Portal solution are:

  • Access to updated machine relevant information to operators
  • Easy and quick identification of parts
  • Modern and trendy tool - high acceptance at all levels
  • Repository of all machine manuals, supplier manuals and documentation
  • Protection of intellectual property through selective customer specific display of information
  • Drastic reduction of risk of divulgence of information by traceable access control
  • Unique and sustainable solution for managing of the data in portal. The e-Portal reflects the upgrades or changes made on the machine from delivery to disposal of the machine. 
  • Option to implement logistic processes and inventory information
  • Option to push notifications to users (new product launch, applications, parts obsolescence and so on)

Our services include:

1. Consultation and implementation of e-Portal

2. Data migration to the e-Portal

3. Portal administration, maintenance and upgrade

4. Data change management


It is important to provide continuous training support to various users; operators, supervisors, maintenance staff etc. We have expertize to create different forms of e-learning (CBT/WBT) content for effective training based on the target audience and media. We can also package the training in the form of a web-based or a mobile-based Learning Management System (LMS) making it easier for manufacturers to track the progress of trainings and add new content. Below are some of the benefits of an e-learning solution:

  • Reduction of time to train new employees
  • Increase in production efficiency
  • Increase in training flexibility
  • Internal know-how management
  • Anytime, anywhere access to training through various media
  • Videos/animations to make complex product training easier and interesting
  • Complements the onsite training throughout the machine life

Our services include:

1. Consultation and implementation of LMS portal based on objectives, target audience and media

2. Course creation (animation, pdf, ppt, how-to-videos, flash ppts, html files, FAQ's)

3. Portal administration, maintenance and upgrade

4. Content change management

Documentation Apps

In the current technologically advanced market, it is imperative for manufacturers to provide technical documentation on portable devices. We develop mobile based apps for distribution of technical content to the target users. We can support end to end from design, programming, content creation and adaptation. Some of the features of mobile based apps include:

  • Quick availability of relevant information at the click of a button
  • Easy to update and access
  • Can be integrated to provide AR/VR functionalities
  • Ability to reach a larger user base
  • Push notifications

Our services include:

1. Apps development

2. Content development

3. Apps updation

4. Content updation

Seamless information exchange between the design, after-sales and documentation teams is required to maintain up-to-date information. One such app we have developed to automate the workflow called as HMI-Manual Integrator. It is a cloud based app for integration and adaptation of content in HMI and technical manuals. This helps to streamline the translation process of HMI content and to reduce time required to migrate content from the HMI to manuals and vice versa.


Asset Digitization

As the delivery platforms are digitizing, the age old content which is in physical form needs digitization too!! Many machine manufactures have critical design data and documentation in hard copy. We can help in converting these into digital forms like word, pdf, CAD files and so on based on the need. It is not a mere data conversion but a more intelligent approach to make the data adaptable based on the media on which it will be used.

1. Document scanning

2. Legacy data digitization